Seller Bio Template

Seller Bio Template

Meet (Seller Name)

I started my career working in NYC as their Sales Manager in the World Trade Center . I always enjoyed showing leadership and working with high performing teams. I moved to Charlotte. NC in 1997 and began working in the Financial Industry for Bank of America in eCommerce. I was always ambitious and loved to learn new technologies. I quickly learned I was extremely analytical and loved building KPI dashboards. I worked on the eCommerce benchmarking and strategy which ultimately resulted in what we call “free” Billpay. I decided to learn to code SAS, SQL and UNIX because I wanted to have the power to understand the data that drove my analytical dashboards. This enabled me to have a very rewarding career at Bank of America which lasted 15years and becoming promoted to an SVP in Data Architecture. Over the years, I continued to thrive in many leadership roles across (eComm) Digital, Card, Merchant, Capital Markets, and Risk Technology lines of business. Today, I am searching for an opportunity where I can be part of innovation, strategy and deliver valuable technology which exceeds customer expectations.

I am also looking to for clients to book my time for one-on-one business consulting. I can also help you plan your Franchise Business or your Product Development and Marketing Strategy.

Hobbies & Interests

Interests: Example: Entrepreneurship, Learning New Technologies, and spending time with my family and friends.

Hobbies: Example: Lashes and Brows, Artistry, Yoga, Cooking, all things Beauty, Mentoring and Growing Women in Science/Tech.

Favorite destination: Example: Poland, Thailand, Canary Islands, Europe.


Seller Name

Phone: 984-999-1225


What I'm Most Passionate About

What are you most passionate about?  What are you good at?  What do you like to do?

Example: I like technology strategy, solving problems, connecting with people, and selling.  I like helping others find solutions and succeed in the personal and professional journey.  Add your specifics here.

Interesting Facts About Me

What interests you about yourself?  

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Client Testimonials

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Your Customer Service is really good. I really like you and your team and I like how quick you resolve the issue. I really like Faith, she’s been working really hard. She is proactive. She listens to the instructions really well. So far everything is doing good at the moment and I’m really happy.

The hiring process experience was so great and smooth. Any issues or questions are handled right away in a professional manner. I definitely love how they have paired me with the right person!